Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gul Ahmed’s Winter Collection

Gul Ahmed’s Winter 2009 collections retain an array of show-stopping and succulent hues among their prominent Essenza De Silk, flamboyant De Chiffon, exuberant Khaddar, mesmerizing Linen and grandeur Fleur De Chiffon collections in enchanting womanly silhouettes to bring the perfect opulence and warmth need in the chilly breezy season.

Gul-Ahmed-Winter-collection-2009-01 Gul-Ahmed-Winter-collection-2009-02 Gul-Ahmed-Winter-collection-2009-04 Gul-Ahmed-Winter-collection-2009-17 Gul-Ahmed-Winter-collection-2009-18 Gul-Ahmed-Winter-collection-2009-19 Gul-Ahmed-Winter-collection-2009-32 Gul-Ahmed-Winter-collection-2009-33 Gul-Ahmed-Winter-collection-2009-35

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