Sunday, December 20, 2009

Computer funny Errors

You have not gotten any error messages recently, so here is a random one just to let you know that we haven't started caring.

User error - Replace user

Windows has not had an error in the past 10 minutes.
We don't really have anything else to say,
we're just really proud of ourselves right now.

Uh Oh, You're Screwed

Computer-Error-Unknown Erro.jpg
Unknown Error:
Windows has encountered an unknown error. The error is unknown because the guy who wrote this part of the code quit a while back and he was like really really smart and the rest of us are not really sure how this works or what to do.
BTW, if your are that guy, please give us a call and let us know what to do.

You aren't expected to understand this

You really screwed up this time

Hardware Conflict: Your TV is Lonely

Stack overflow. Internal stack fall down and go boom.

PEDKAC -- Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

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