Saturday, October 24, 2009

Record of Achievement by a Student of year 10

I entered a poetry competition, along with 24000 other pupils from other schools across the globe. I was told to write a poem about inspiration and it was meant to be linked with the modern day and future. Luckily my poem was chosen to be published on the young writer’s anthology.


Student of year 10

Heathfield Foundation Technology College.

Be inspired...

Be inspired, inspired by

, The determined desires,

The wanted wishes,

The humble hopes,

The sincere successes,

The passionate peace and

The hopeful harmony.

Be inspired, inspired by

, The soothing sun,

The serene blueness of the sky

, The white wisdom of the clouds,

The intricate branches of trees,

The calmness of the sea and

The greenness of the grass. Be inspired,

inspired by, The human eye,

The elaborate tongue,

The complex thumb,

The diversity of bones,

The staggering senses and The mind-blowing brain

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