Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We're sure you'll get a bang out of this but even if you’re not a hunter of any sort, you may find yourself falling love with the world’s most expensive bullets. This fancy ammo is sold by Bullet Forge, an online merchant who specializes in selling beautifully and custom-made gold, platinum, and silver bullets. While you needn’t worry about losing your precious bullets to violence, you can wear it on a necklace close to your heart, attached by a loop on its base.

The most expensive bullets the retailer sells is a 45 ACP hollow-point that’s made from 14-karat white gold. The tip of the bullet is made from 90 diamonds mounted around a sparkling amethyst. Another type of bullet sold by Bullet Forge, for around the same price, is a similar type of bullet but only white diamonds are seen on the tip and it’s smaller at 9mm.

Both bullets retail for around $3,000 but if you don’t have that kind of money, you needn’t worry. Bullet Forge is not currently accepting orders as they have seen too much demand and are trying to fill current and backorders.

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